VDR brand varistors produced by Huizhou Songlong Lishang Electronic Co
VDR brand varistors produced by Huizhou Songlong Lishang Electronic Co., LTD. We have been promoting the market for more than 20 years, and have been maintaining one-stop production from powder manufacturing to packaging and testing. We provide preferential costs and high-quality services in terms of quality and quantity. We dare not cut corners because we know the pressure sensitivity, and dare not promise too many orders because we know the capacity. Because Huizhou Songlong Lishang Electronics is the designated production factory for VDR safety regulations, please contact us for your service ~ contact phone: 0752-3728085 Fax:0752-3728399 and thank you for reading our product catalog patiently ~
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Address: Tiantou Hengling, Shatian Town, Huiyang District
The first varistor production plant in Taiwan (brand name SAS)

1995 Cooperated with Taiwan Institute of Industry and Research to produce new generation varistors/Set up production base in Huizhou, China (trademark VDR)

1997 Acquired Taiwan Super Union Technology/Dongguan Baosheng set up the second factory in Dongguan, China (trademark MOV)

Taiwan Kangtai Group professional patch pressure sensitive (MLV)/ thermal sensitive (NTC)/ ceramic discharge tube (GDT) and TVS

Songlong Lichang Electronics of Huizhou City is the only UL+CUL/VDE/CQC safety factory.


2006 Moved to Shatin factory in Huiyang District, Huizhou City, to expand the scale of chip production.

In 2008, we obtained the latest series certification of UL third edition, VDE IEC 60950-1, CQC(3KA /6KV) power supply and communication.

In 2010 Dongguan Songlong Lishon Electronics established a professional manufacturing Y1,X2 safety capacitor

Expand the new factory specifications and add the front and back section production equipment of the varistor plant.

2013 obtained China Midea/Huawei/Huadi/Japan Panasonic and other well-known home appliance leading use and certification

2015 Full series upgrade certification is UL 1449 Type5 /VDE IEC60950 125 degrees

In 2016, the new factory expanded automatic 7-in-1 production line equipment, and the production capacity increased to 40-50kK per month. TMOV was put into production

2017 Combined wave series fully into the market, to ensure that the client products have obtained the latest safety requirements and standards certification

2018 UL is the first company in the world to pass the latest version of CUL requirements with epoxy certification for 125 degrees of work/upgrade

Development of automatic horizontal patch pressure sensitive/explosion-proof box/fireproof sleeve production, according to LED linear drive requirements

2020 Low Voltage Ultra High Energy Chip Established, Certified Automotive/Lightning Protection Module/Green Energy Communication 5G Requirements/Power Industry Upgrade VDE IEC 62368-1:2018/G.8.1 60950-1:2013 Annex Q completed

Obtain high and new technology in 2021. A number of patented products, complete the factory full automation project

2022 Jiangsu Nantong factory put into production,LED plastic packaging (SMT) products obtained safety certification